A Practical Survival Guide to Teaching in English: The Do’s and Don’ts

In a global context of interculturality and international mobility, with exchange programmes being on the rise, academics will, more likely than ever before, be able to teach to a variety of international students from diverse cultural backgrounds.
English has become the lingua franca in scientific research, literature and conferences.
Will it become the language of instruction when it comes to teaching in higher education?

In this workshop, we will work on two aspects of teaching in English.
Firstly, we will try to debunk the myths usually associated with EMI (English Medium of Instruction) and reflect on the concerns or challenges that you might have as a future teaching academic.
Secondly, we will focus on practical tips on how to better prepare for your classes in English and make it a positive experience for both you and your students.

Participants are expected to be actively involved in the discussions and workshop activities.
The workshop is open to everyone considering teaching in English at some point in their future career. It is a good opportunity to practise your language skills and share ideas with your peers in a relaxed and safe environment.

Date : 11/03/2019
Location : UMons
Trainer : Julie Walaszczyk and Anne Hanus

The maximum number of subscriptions is 15.
Register as soon as possible!

For any questions regarding this training please feel free to send an email to Samya.Ehlalouch@UGent.be

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